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Vegan Treat Boxes contain a wonderful variety of milk chocolate alternatives, sweets, toffee, fudge and much more. Plant-based confectionery is now more tasty, varied and luxurious than ever. Start discovering new vegan chocolate, sweets and other delicious plant-based treats today!

  • They make excellent gifts.
  • Available as single boxes or regular subscriptions. 
  • Each box contains a variety of 100% vegan and plant-based chocolate and sweets.
  • You won't know what the treats are until you open the box! Half the fun is in the surprise.
  • All treats found in the boxes are stocked in our store, so you can easily get more of what you like.
  • It's a great way to try new, interesting and delicious vegan treats!

Rated 8/10 by The Independent! "Best for those with a sweet tooth". Read the review here:

Shelf life: Products inside usually have Best Before dates of 3+ months from the date you purchased the Treat Box.

Allergens: Some products inside will contain SOYA, WHEAT (GLUTEN)TREE NUTS & PEANUTS. Some items included may be produced in factories where dairy products are also made, therefore traces may be present in those products. Always read the label if you have allergies.