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Vegan Alternatives

Vegan alternatives to childhood favourites such as Mars, Snickers, Rolos, Creme Eggs, Smarties & More!


LoveRaw Peanut Caramel Bar 40g

1 rating
Rizo Crispy Rice Choco Toffee Bar 44g

11 ratings
Jeavons Almond Dynamite Bar 37g

5 ratings
Back soon
Vegan Treat Box - Surprise Hamper

20 ratings
Cotswold Vegan Fudge Butterscotch 150g

4 ratings
Butterm!lk Honeycomb Blast Bar 45g

5 ratings
Butterm!lk Peanut Nougat Bar 50g

1 rating
Butterm!lk Caramel Nougat Bar 50g

5 ratings