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Copy of About Us

Our Story

Established in 2014, our small vegan business is one of the oldest independent online shops dedicated to purely vegan confectionery.

Vegan Town has been sourcing the best vegan chocolate treats from near and far for nearly 8 years. It's our mission to show people how easy, tasty and exciting it is to switch from dairy milk chocolate to plant-based alternatives. 

How it started

I'm Austin, the founder of this little business. That's me as a baby with my Mum, Elissa. She took the bold step back in 1987 to raise her child as an ethical vegan. These values have stayed with me for over thirty years and form the framework to how I think humans should treat other animals.  

In 2014, I got the idea to start a website selling purely vegan confectionery. It's grown from my parent’s spare room to a little unit in Sheffield. We remain a small, completely independent vegan owned and run business sourcing fantastic little treats from chocolatiers just a few miles away to big brands in Europe and beyond.


Why go vegan?

Switching to a vegan lifestyle is the easiest and most simple way to help animals and the planet we live on. 

Cows in the dairy industry are cruelly exploited and all are eventually slaughtered. Plant-based milk chocolate alternatives offer all the taste without the need to exploit these highly intelligent and gentle creatures. In addition, removing animal products (including dairy) from our diets has the potential to return billions of hectares of land to the wild and massively reduce global carbon emissions. Start your vegan journey today.