Vegan Treat Box Subscriptions

Vegan Treat Box surprise hamper subscriptions from Vegan Town. 

Vegan Treat Box - A Single Surprise Hamper
Vegan Treat Boxes are great for discovering new vegan chocolate, sweets and other lovely cruelty-free treats! They contain a variety of goodies, which can include chocolate bars, fudge, toffee and cookies. Available as single boxes or monthly subscri..
£20.00 Ex VAT: £16.67
Subscription Vegan Treat Box - A Monthly Surprise Hamper
Monthly Subscription: Your first box will be sent upon ordering, with future boxes sent within 5 days of your latest subscription payment. Future payments are charged at £20 for the Vegan Treat Box + £2.40 for delivery. Vegan Treat Boxes ar..
£20.00 Ex VAT: £16.67
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