Hazelnut Rabble Bar 70g (Toffee, Hazelnuts & Chocolate)

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Two vegan chocolatey fingers packed with roasted hazelnuts in creamy soft chewy toffee, smothered in Jeavon's delicious plant based and dairy free alternative to milk chocolate.

  • 100% vegan and plant-based.
  • Sold as a 2 finger pack.
  • 70g chocolate net.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Made by an independent vegan company. 

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose, Margarine (Sunflower Oil & vegetable oils incl. palm oil*), Roasted hazelnuts, Soya, Golden Syrup, Soya powder, Lecithin (Soya), Salt, Vanilla Extract. Chocolate contains 42% cocoa solids, sugar, cocoa butter, soya flour, sunflower lecithin.

*RSPO certified segregated crops, sustainably farmed. Allergens: Contains Soya and Hazelnuts. Gluten-Free. May contain traces of peanuts and gluten. 

Typical Values per bar 70g
Energy 1598kj
Energy 380kcal
Protein 4.9
Carbohydrate 39g
of which sugars 32g
Fat 23g
of which saturates 6.9g
Fibre N/A
Salt 0.76g