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Please help Vegan Town continue as an independent vegan family business. We're looking to raise £4,000.00 by June 30th.

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Vegan Town needs your help to continue. 

Since 2014, our little online shop has been helping people discover just how wonderful and tasty vegan confectionery can be. We've helped thousands transition and stick to a plant-based diet with our store's range of milk chocolate alternatives, fudge, toffee, and sweets. 

But with rising commodity prices, considerably higher rents, increased shipping costs, and fierce competition from supermarkets wanting to cash-in on the plant-based market, we are facing a funding gap that we must overcome to get through this summer.

To achieve this, we're asking for help from our customers and the wider vegan community. We're looking to raise £4000 to stay afloat this summer and ensure we go into the crucial autumn/winter period with a fully stocked store and an adjusted range of products that we put together based on consultation and feedback with you all.

Crowdfunding Roadmap

Crowdfunding Roadmap
01. Supplier costs

As we have been in business for some time now, we have long-established relationships with many of our suppliers. Our first priority is ensuring they are paid on time and in full this summer. Your crowdfund donations will help us do this. 

02. Evaluating our existing range and restocking our store

With such a rapidly evolving plant-based sector, we need to revaluate how best to operate as a small independent vegan retailer. Competing with supermarkets isn't possible for us, so we will seek feedback and consultation with our customer-base to ensure we're providing the best service we can and stocking what people want and what will keep them coming back for more. Once this has been determined, we'll be able to fully restock our virtual shelves and open for orders again. 

03. Marketing 

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business, including ours. Your donations will contribute to our advertising budget going into the run ups to Halloween and Christmas which are key periods for chocolate sales.  

04. Seasonal Orders

Christmas planning starts early for retailers like us and pre-orders for seasonal stock will need to commence very soon. This crowdfund campaign will help us secure a fantastic range of products for the festive season.

Why seek crowdfunding and not a loan?

By crowdfunding through our customers and wider community instead of the bank, we can create a more sustainable future for our small business by not lumbering Vegan Town with additional debt. 

Times are tough and we completely understand If you can't pledge a donation. You can still be a huge help to us by sharing this page. Thank you so much for being part of our journey for the previous eight years, we hope Vegan Town will continue serving you for many more years to come. 

-- Austin & Elissa

Thank you