Smootch 75g (Vegan Rolo Alternative)

Pucker up! This is a naughty treat.  A softer toffee enrobed in dairy-free alternative to ‘milk’ chocolate. This will bring back memories of a certain ‘chocolate cup of toffee‘, but you’ve never had a Smootch as good as this! Bigger, tastier, an..

£2.99 Ex Tax: £2.49

Rabble Bar 70g (Toffee, Peanuts & Chocolate)

Chocolatey fingers packed with Roasted Peanuts in creamy soft chewy toffee, smothered in dairy-free alternative to ‘milk’ chocolate. Very similar to Snickers!Sold as a 2 finger pack, 70g.Ingredients: Unrefined Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Margarine (Su..

£2.75 Ex Tax: £2.29

Rizo Bar 55g (Toffee Crisp)

Crispy puffed rice smothered in softest chewy creamy toffee, all covered in dairy-free ‘milky’ chocolate. A seriously yummy, crispy chew from Jeavons! 55g bar.Ingredients: Dairy-free chocolate, sugar, glucose syrup, vegetable margarine (contains..

£2.65 Ex Tax: £2.21

Jeavons Dairy Free Toffee 75g

Jeavons Dairy Free Toffee 75g

Vegan toffee, so rich and creamy, you won’t believe it’s not dairy! Jeavons ‘Original’ toffee is a chewy, creamy delight. Rich golden deliciousness that’s irresistible. 75g.Ingredients: Unrefined Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Margarine (Sunflower Oil &a..

£2.56 Ex Tax: £2.13

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