Fabulous Freefrom Factory

Dairy Free Sea Salted Chocovered Fudgee Bites 65g

Fabulous Freefrom Factory has done it again! Scrumptious little chunks of dairy free fudge, covered in gorgeous vegan milk chocolate and finished off with a pinch of sea salt. GOBBLE!! Excellent as a lunch box treat. Totally dairy free so suitable fo..

£1.88 Ex Tax: £1.57

Dairy Free Chocovered Crunchee Bites by Fabulous Freefrom Factory 65g

Fantastic little vegan treats, new from the guys at Fabulous Freefrom Factory. Scrumptious little lumps of cinder toffee (AKA honeycomb), covered in gorgeous vegan milk chocolate. Think of these as a packet of Crunchie bar bits! Kids LOVE these! Tota..

£1.85 Ex Tax: £1.54

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