Ethican Magazine Issue 01 | Winter '19/'20

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Ethican Magazine is an entirely independent publication covering ETHICS, LIFE and PROGRESS towards a better world for all.

What is right, fair, kind and just? These are the questions we'll be asking, as we take on important issues facing people, animals and the planet. 

Key topics:

  • Animal Rights & Veganism
  • Human Rights
  • Mental Health
  • Opposition to War

If these subjects interest you, we think you'll enjoy reading Ethican. 

Issue 01 Contents:

  • Art & Activism: Joe Frederiks
  • Fox Hunting: 15 Years After the Ban (By A. Jordan)
  • Stifling Stats (Animal Deaths in Farming & Fish Pellets for Livestock)
  • The Poem: In Children's Name (By E. Derwent)
  • Your Dog or a Human Stranger? (By K. Simmons)
  • The Globe at a Glance
  • Brexit & Fairness (By K. Simmons)
  • Pause for Thought
  • The Mental Health Act: Detained (By C. Butterwick) 
  • Nature's Nutrition: Algae & Omega 3
  • Stealing Syria's Oil (By A. Jordan)
  • Special Feature: Elissa Derwent
  • Escape The City: The Peak District
  • The Cruelty of Circumcision (By A. Jordan) 
Frequency: This is a bi-monthly magazine consisting of six issues per year. The next issue will be available during February and every eight weeks thereafter.

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