Moo Free Christmas Selection Box 105g

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Moo Free Christmas Selection Box. A great festive vegan gift, filled with Moo Free's favourite plant-based milk choccy minibars. Each selection box contains:

  • Bunnycomb bar
  • Strawberry bar
  • Caramel bar
  • White bar
  • Bag of buttons
  • 100% vegan and plant-based.
  • Recyclable packaging. 
  • Made in the UK.
  • Contains Moo Free's UTZ/Rainforest Alliance milk and white chocolate alternative.

Ingredients: Made with a blend of rice milk, sugar & cocoa. For a full list of ingredients, please see the individual Moo Free bars listed on our website. Allergens: Dairy free and gluten free. The following are not used as ingredients but traces may be present: Hazelnuts.