Box of 8 Coco Caravan Raw Chocolate Caramel Eggs 80g

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  • Brand: Coco Caravan
  • Product Code: CAR-AVN-EGG
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8 delicious, healthy raw chocolate caramel-filled eggs from coco Caravan. Made with a delicious blend of cacao, coconut and cashew nut. 

  • 8 raw chocolate caramel eggs / 80g 
  • Packaging: 100% Plastic-free, biodegradable / compostable packaging

Ingredients: Cacao butter, cacao powder (cocoa solids 72% minimum), coconut blossom nectar. Soft Center Caramel: Coconut Blossom Nectar sugar, Cashew nut, coconut oil, creamed coconut. Allergens: Contains nuts.

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