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Vegan chocolate bars, gift boxes, luxury truffles, wagon wheels and more.

Vegan Treat Box - A Surprise Hamper
Vegan Treat Boxes are great for discovering new vegan chocolate, sweets and other lovely cruelty-free treats! They typically contain around 10-14 goodies, which can include chocolate bars, fudge, toffee and cookies. Available as single boxes or month..
£19.99 Ex VAT: £16.66
Ichoc Organic Classic Vegan Milk Chocolate 80g
Super creamy, super delicious light tasting vegan milk chocolate from the folks at Vivani. 80g bar. 37% cocoa. Organic.Packaging: FSC-certified folding cardboard box | compostable NatureFlex filmIngredients: Raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, rice drink p..
£2.10 Ex VAT: £1.75
Vivani Mandel Orange 35g
As with all Vivani bars, they manage to hit the combination of flavours just right. The orange and the almonds go so well together, with just the right amount of fruityness. It has a creamy vegan milk chocolate texture that they've achieved so well w..
£1.06 Ex VAT: £0.88
iChoc Organic Vegan Milk Chocolate Collection
Hands down, Ichoc are some of the best vegan milk chocolate ever created. A wonderful selection of high quality yet affordable bars from the amazing folks at Vivani in Germany. 5 x 80g bars.Experience 5 fantastic flavours with this collection Al..
£10.00 £10.96 Ex VAT: £8.33
Hammy's Christmas Selection Box 135g
The Moo Free critters have come together in this lovely vegan and dairy free milk chocolate Christmas selection box. Inside you will find a delicious array of treats including a Cheeky Orange Bar, Minty Moo Bar, Santa bar, Snowman bar and a little ba..
£4.79 Ex VAT: £3.99
Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar 150g
An extra large vegan chocolate bar clocking in at a whopping 150 grams! Made from a delicious, creamy blend of organic hazelnut chocolate and infused with whole hazelnuts. A bestselling classic. OrganicFair Trade150g / 7" of ChocolateIngredients..
£3.47 Ex VAT: £2.89
Jokerz Candy Bar 60g (Vegan Snickers)
Jokerz Candy Bar — Peanuts, caramel, and nougat in a rice-milk chocolatey coating. 60g bar. Made without artificial ingredients of any kind (flavours, colours, preservatives, etc.) Made without hydrogenated oils (hence, free of trans fats) Made witho..
£2.39 Ex VAT: £1.99
Twilight Candy Bar 60g (Vegan Mars Bar)
Twilight Candy Bar — Caramel and chocolatey nougat in a rice-milk chocolatey coating. 60g bar. Made without artificial ingredients of any kind (flavours, colours, preservatives, etc.) Made without hydrogenated oils (hence, free of trans fats) Ma..
£2.39 Ex VAT: £1.99
Organic Vegan Hero White Coconut Crisp 40g
Crunchy vegan white chocolate coconut bars, infused with rice crispies. Organic. 40g bar.Ingredients: Sugar*, rice powder* (24%) (dried rice*, rice flour*, rice starch*), cocoa butter* (23%), coconut flakes* (8%), rice crispies* (6%) (rice flour..
£1.58 Ex VAT: £1.32
Mummy Meagz Original Rocky Road Bar 55g
GOOEY. CRUNCHY. CHOCOLATY VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE ROCKY ROAD CAKE BAR 55gIngredients: Cocoa Mass. Sugar. Cocoa Butter. Emulsifier - SOYA Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Vegetable Oil (Palm (Sustainably Sourced) & Rapeseed) Water, Salt ..
£1.75 Ex VAT: £1.75
iChoc Organic Choco Cookie 80g
*Out of stock: Expected 29th July*The hottest new vegan chocolate has arrived! iChoc from Vivani brings you an utterly gorgeous, crispy, creamy vegan milk chocolate bar. Melt in the mouth heaven with little chunks of oreo style cookies. 80g..
£2.10 Ex VAT: £1.75
Rapunzel Nirwana Truffle Bar 100g
*Out of stock: Expected 29th July* Nirwana chocolate by Rapunzel, is an amazing creamy vegan milk chocolate, with a hint of caramel and a delicious truffle filling. 100g bar. Organic and Fairly Traded. Ingredients: Sugars* (Rapadura whole cane suga..
£2.75 Ex VAT: £2.29
Kuhbonbon Caramel Squares Bar 72g
Soft, chewy and totally scrumptious vegan caramels made with organic coconut milk and unrefined cane sugar. Pack of 10 individually wrapped caramel squares. 72g.Ingredients: Glucose syrup, unrefined cane sugar, cocoa butter (9%), pea protein, de..
£2.20 Ex VAT: £1.83
Rudolph's Round Up 75g (Vegan Wagon Wheel)
Rudolph's Festive Round Up! A gourmet, vegan version of a wagon wheel. Ananda's light and fluffy marshmallow sandwiched between a crumbly, delicious chocolate biscuit and coated in fine Belgian chocolate... finished with a dollop of scrumptious cherr..
£2.99 Ex VAT: £2.49
Vivani Strawberry Wafer Crunch 35g
Vivani's Strawberry Wafer Crunch bars have a delicious creamy milk chocolate taste with a sweet, fruity punch. Another delicious creation from Germany. Organic.Ingredients: Cocoa butter, raw cane sugar, rice drink powder, tiger nuts, strawberry ..
£1.06 Ex VAT: £0.88
Vivani Crispy Cornflakes Vegan Milk Chocolate 35g
Vivani's Crispy Cornflake bars are made from delicious, light rice milk chocolate dotted with crunchy bits of cornflakes. Another delicious creation from Germany. Organic.Ingredients: Raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, rice drink powder, cocoa mass, ..
£1.06 Ex VAT: £0.88
Pernigotti Gianduiotto Snack 40g
Long gone are the days when vegan chocolate was bland or boring. Perngiotti's amazing Italian treats are some of the best in the world in our opinion. Now available in mini toblreone shaped praline bars of pure, luxury bliss. 40g snack size. For love..
£1.70 Ex VAT: £1.42
Dairy Free Chocovered Crunchee Bites by Fabulous Freefrom Factory 65g
Fantastic little vegan treats, new from the guys at Fabulous Freefrom Factory. Scrumptious little lumps of cinder toffee (AKA honeycomb), covered in gorgeous vegan milk chocolate. Think of these as a packet of Crunchie bar bits! Kids LOVE these! Tota..
£1.85 Ex VAT: £1.54
Organic Sweet 'N' Salty Almond Mylk Chocolate 33g
A delicious vegan mylk chocolate bar with a soft and silky almond butter centre. Made in Switzerland by Rhythm 108. 33g. Organic.High in fibre.Gluten free. Less sugar.Ingredients: Organic almonds (28%), organic raw cane sugar, organic cacao..
£1.45 Ex VAT: £1.21
Clarana Vegan Smarties 125g
Vegan smarties are here! Colourful little bites of vegan chocolate goodness perfect for snacking and baking. 125g bag.Ingredients: Dark chocolate (52%) (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier soy lecithin, vanilla), sugar, rice starch, gluc..
£2.75 Ex VAT: £2.29
Montezuma's Peanut Butter Truffle Bites 120g
Colourful bags of scrumptious vegan truffle bites, with a soft and salty peanut butter filling. Made with 66% cocoa dark chocolate. 120g bag. Ingredients: Dark Chocolate 66% (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin & ..
£2.99 Ex VAT: £2.49
Devilishly Dark Chocolate Pizza Slice 50g
New from The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company! Chocolate Pizza slices made with fine Belgian dark chocolate, infused with crisped rice and decorated with delicious vegan marshmallows and crispy balls. 50g. Ingredients: Dark chocolate (70%) c..
£2.29 Ex VAT: £1.91
Bionella Organic Chocolate Hazlenut Spread 45g (vegan nutella)
A lovely, creamy and utterly delicious alternative to the popular 'Nutella' chocolate hazelnut spread. 45g capsule. Organic and fairly traded. Ingredients: Cane sugar*, sustainable palm oil*, sunflower oil*, hazelnut* (14%), cocoa powder* h..
£1.45 Ex VAT: £1.45
Beech's Chocolate Violet Creams 90g
Luxurious Beechs Chocolate Violet Creams in a generous box of 10 make a vegan great gift. Every 90g box of Beech's Violet Creams is made with exquisite dark chocolate filled with a natural violet flavour fondant cream in the centre. Beech's chocolate..
£2.00 Ex VAT: £1.67
Belvas Belgian Organic Flaked Truffles 100g
The country famous for chocolate has added these indulgently flaky little vegan truffles to its library of fantastic luxury treats. Made from 72% cocoa chocolate and quality hazelnut. Organic and Fair Trade, with love from Belgium.Ingredients (all or..
£3.98 Ex VAT: £3.32
Full of flavour! Soft, chewy and totally scrumptious vegan caramels made with organic coconut milk and unrefined cane sugar. Pack of 15 individually wrapped caramels. 165g.Ingredients: Glucose syrup, unrefined cane sugar, cocoa butter (9%), pea ..
£3.59 Ex VAT: £2.99
Cornflake & Strawberry Infused Vegan White Chocolate 80g
What a creation! A gorgeous vegan white chocolate covered in crispy cornflakes and peppered with dried strawberry pieces. Made by Vantastic Foods. 80g bar. Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter (32%), maltodextrin, roasted almond semolina (6,7%), cor..
£3.35 Ex VAT: £2.79
Organic Vegan Hero White Almond 40g
A gorgeous, sweet and creamy vegan milk chocolate bar packed full of delicious almond crunch. Organic. 40g bar.For lovers of sweet, creamy chocolate.Similar to popular Vivani White Nougat Crisp bars.Ingredients: Sugar*, rice powder (20%) (dried ..
£1.58 Ex VAT: £1.32
Moo Free Bunnycomb Bar 25g
These little chocolate treats taste amazing. To make them we have taken our award winning free from chocolate and sprinkled it with golden, crunchy pieces of delicious, vegan friendly honeycomb toffee. 25g bar. Each of these honeycomb bars is then wr..
£0.85 Ex VAT: £0.71
iChoc Organic White Vanilla 80g
Ichoc's classy, luxury vegan white chocolate is made with the finest rice milk chocolate and real bourbon vanilla. 80g bar.Ingredients: Raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, rice drink powder, tiger nuts (ground), bourbon vanilla beans (ground). Al..
£2.10 Ex VAT: £1.75
Clarana Organic White Chocolate with Praline 90g
Chunky squares of deliciously buttery and creamy vegan white chocolate with a super delicious truffle praline filling. Organic and free of cane sugar. 90g bar.Ingredients: coconut blossom sugar (51%), cocoa butter, dried rice syrup, hazelnuts (1..
£3.49 Ex VAT: £2.91
Camille Bloch Torino Mousse 100g
The very popular luxury Swiss delight that is Camille Bloch Torino Mousse Gorgeous delicate creamy and fluffy chocolate mousse in their own little chocolate domes that one can snap off ever so satisfyingly.Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, vegetab..
£3.70 Ex VAT: £3.08
Vegan milk chocolate fingers with a delightful strawberry fondant centre. By Vantastic Foods. 100g.8 mini bars.Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter (25%), maltodextrin, cocoa mass (7,8%), sunflower oil, almond meal, dried strawberry powder (1,1%), defatt..
£3.29 Ex VAT: £2.74
Vantastic Foods have made Chocolate Heaven, in donut form! This is a gorgeous crunchy German pastry, filled with a vegan 'nutella' style hazelnut cream and coated in velvety vegan milk chocolate. Finished off with a sprinkling of roasted hazelnuts. 1..
£2.49 Ex VAT: £2.49
Go Max Go Vegan Chocolate Bar Selection
A set of amazing vegan chocolate by Go Max Go. These are fantastic non-dairy versions of popular classics such as Mars, Snickers, Bounty and Milky Way.Contents:     1x Twilight Bar (Vegan Mars Bar)     1x Jokerz Bar (Veg..
£13.99 Ex VAT: £11.66
Buccaneer Candy Bar 57g (Vegan Milky Way)
Buccaneer Candy Bar — a chocolatey nougat in a rice-milk chocolatey coating. Vegan version of a Milky Way bar. 57g bar. Made without artificial ingredients of any kind (flavours, colours, preservatives, etc.) Made without hydrogenated oils ..
£2.39 Ex VAT: £1.99
Mahalo Candy Bar 60g (Vegan Bounty)
Mahalo™ Candy Bar — Coconut & almonds in a rice-milk chocolatey coating. 60g bar. Made without artificial ingredients of any kind (flavours, colours, preservatives, etc.) Made without hydrogenated oils (hence, free of trans fats) Made without gen..
£2.39 Ex VAT: £1.99
Thumbs Up Candy Bar 60g
Thumbs Up Candy Bar — a bar with a flaky, sweet ‘n salty, peanut buttery center combined with our signature-recipe chocolatey coating. Unique and delicious taste. 37g bar. Made without artificial ingredients of any kind (flavours, colours, prese..
£2.39 Ex VAT: £1.99
Dairy Free  Sea Salted Chocovered Fudgee Bites 65g
Fabulous Freefrom Factory has done it again! Scrumptious little chunks of dairy free fudge, covered in gorgeous vegan milk chocolate and finished off with a pinch of sea salt. GOBBLE!! Excellent as a lunch box treat. Totally dairy free so suitable fo..
£1.88 Ex VAT: £1.57
Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups 43g
Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups — Rice-milk chocolatey coating cuddles the creamiest, dreamiest peanut butter filling ever! 43g packet containing two cups. A vegan alternative to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Made without artificial ingredients of any kind (..
£2.39 Ex VAT: £1.99
New Goupie Minis! Goupie is a delightfully scrumptious handmade treat, created with a family recipe going back generations. Distinctive triangle chunks of chewy chocolate indulgence, with a hint of crunch - perfect for sharing round the coffee table ..
£1.99 Ex VAT: £1.66
Moo Free Hammy's Original Bar 25g
Award winning dairy free chocolate is now available in bite sized individual bars. Each dairy free Mini Moo bar comes wrapped in a neat little pack featuring Hammy Hamster. These Mini Moo bars are made using our secret, organic and dairy free chocola..
£0.79 Ex VAT: £0.66
Moo Free Minty Moo Bar 25g
Award winning dairy free chocolate is now available in bite sized bars bursting with crunchy mint chips. Each mint flavoured dairy free Mini Moo bar comes in a neat little pack featuring Lily-lu Lemur. 25g bar. These Minty Moo bars are made using our..
£0.85 Ex VAT: £0.71
Moo Free Cheeky Orange Bar 23g
Our award winning dairy free chocolate is now available in bite sized individual orange bars. Each Mini Moo orange bar comes in a bright orange pack featuring Cheeky Chops the cheeky chimp. These bars are made using our secret, organic and dairy free..
£0.85 Ex VAT: £0.71
iChoc Organic White Nougat Crisp 80g
*Out of stock: Expected 29th July*Due to popular demand the best-selling Vivani White Nougat Crisp bar is now available in a bigger size! More creamy, crispy and sweet 'white' hazelnut chocolate for your money. 80g.Packaging: FSC-certi..
£2.10 Ex VAT: £1.75
iChoc Organic Almond Orange 80g
Utterly divine vegan milk chocolate coupled with crunchy roasted almonds and fruity pieces of orange. 80g bar.Packaging: FSC-certified folding cardboard box | compostable NatureFlex filmIngredients: Raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, rice..
£2.10 Ex VAT: £1.75
iChoc Organic Super Nut 80g
*Out of stock: Expected 29th July*Deliciously light, creamy vegan milk chocolate with 20% crunchy hazelnut pieces. 80g.Packaging: FSC-certified folding cardboard box | compostable NatureFlex filmIngredients: Organic rice milk chocolate couv..
£2.10 Ex VAT: £1.75
Light, crispy and truly scrumptious wafer rolls filled with yummy vegan chocolate cream. Ingredients: Sugar, Sustainable Palm Oil, Tapioca Starch, Soy Flour, Glutinous Rice Flour, Cocoa Powder, Dextrose, Dietary Fibres, Emulsifier (Soy Leci..
£2.85 Ex VAT: £2.85
Vego Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Spread 200g
Bestselling Vego vegan chocolate, now in a deliciously creamy spread with crunchy bits of hazelnut. Just what we've all been waiting for! 200g.OrganicFair TradeRe-usable Vego Branded Glass - just peel the label off.Ingredients: Raw Cane Sugar, H..
£3.40 Ex VAT: £3.40
Caramel Flavoured Choices 125g
Absolutely divine caramel filled chocolates! These award winning treats by Celtic Chocolates are a delicious vegan alternative to old dairy classics like Rolos or Cadbury's Caramel bars. 125g.  30% cocoa content 12 pieces Great as a gift or..
£3.98 Ex VAT: £3.32
A new take on Ananda's Round Ups (gourmet vegan wagon wheels) -- Caramel Crisp flavour. A delicious combination of a biscuit and cake, filled with to-die-for gelatin free marshmallow and infused with little cereal niblets, to give an ever so satisfyi..
£3.00 Ex VAT: £2.50
Mini Moos Organic Vegan Milk Chocolate Bundle
Save with the Mini Moos bundle. One of each of the four gorgeous little dairy free vegan milk chocolate bars by Moo Free. Great for all ages.Ingredients: A blend of organic cocoa, rice and sugar. See individual product pages for detailed ingredi..
£3.19 Ex VAT: £2.66
A beautifully crafted, vegan chocolate star from the confectionery wizards at Zotter. Made from soy chocolate with a 40% cocoa content, white rice chocolate and a dark chocolate mousse enhanced with superfoods like aronia, maca, ginger, cardamom, chi..
£7.99 Ex VAT: £6.66
Zotter Christmas Nuts (Hazelnut Nougat Bar) 70g
A tender-melting hazelnut nougat made from many dark-roasted hazelnuts and pure cocoa butter, enhanced with a crunchy hazelnut brittle, Bourbon vanilla and cinnamon. Enveloped in dark chocolate with a 70% cocoa content and huge character. Completely ..
£3.79 Ex VAT: £3.16
The original Gianduia creamy hazelnut vegan chocolate by Italy's Pernigotti. A slightly harder bar compared to the pralines and mini bars, but that same enchanting, silky texture you've come to expect. 100g bar.Ingredients: Cocoa mass (30% min.)..
£2.89 Ex VAT: £2.41
German Marzipan and Nougat Chocolate Log 50g
A unique and delicious Easter treat from Germany! A little chocolate log made from fine almond marzipan and filled with a gorgeous 'nutella' style nougat centre. Packet comes with 1 x 50g log. INGREDIENTS: raw cane sugar*, almonds*, cocoa b..
£3.11 Ex VAT: £2.59
Moo Free Organic Snowman Bar 32g
These organic, vegan and dairy free milk chocolate Snowman bars make the perfect Christmas gift, treat or stocking filler for anyone with a dairy allergy, lactose intolerance or vegan diet this Christmas. Each 32g Snowman bar is wrapped in cute packa..
£0.99 Ex VAT: £0.83
Goupie Minis -  A Taste of Christmas 80g
Loosely based on a minced pie with aromatic cinnamon and ginger paired with candied fruits and nuts; before being neatly wrapped in a 54% Belgian chocolate. Simply put, it tastes like Christmas.80g of Goupie Chocolates per box - great value!Presented..
£2.45 Ex VAT: £2.04
Goupie Minis -  Boozy Christmas 80g
Delicious christmassy fruits, nuts and spices including prunes d’Agen and raisins soaked in French brandy and Biddenden cider, whole hazelnuts and cloves, all fully coated with Belgian chocolate and decorated with crystallised ginger.80g of Goupie Ch..
£2.45 Ex VAT: £2.04
Booja Booja have done it again! Another cheeky mix of incredibly delicious dairy free truffles, handmade in Norfolk. The perfect gift for any vegan. Contains: Rhubarb & Vanilla Fool, Hazelnut, Banoffee Toffee and Almond Carame..
£12.98 Ex VAT: £10.82
Zotter Veggie Milk Chocolate Gift Collection - 12 Mini Bars
Twelve pure vegetable chocolates give you variety and innovation in vegan and lactose-free chocolate. Pure chocolate heaven! Created and developed in Zotter's bean-to-bar factory - natural, completely organic and Fairtrade quality.2 bars per variety:..
£7.00 Ex VAT: £5.83
Made in England's beautiful Lake District since 1913. Kendal Mint Cake is a classic confection which happens to be vegan and enjoyed by many, not the least by legendary explorer Edmund Hilary when he scaled Mount Everest! Ingredients: Sugar..
£1.00 Ex VAT: £0.83
Kennard's Peanut Butter Truffle Chocolates
A box of 8 handmade, luxury, award winning chocolates brought to you by Kennard's Artisan Chocolates. If you're a peanut butter lover, this is the chocolate for you. A peanut butter truffle housed in dark chocolate with a hint of caramelisation.Winne..
£6.95 Ex VAT: £5.79
Award-winning, innovative new artisan chocolates from Kennard's. This gift selection contains 24 chocolates consisting of 8 fantastic flavours guaranteed to satisfy any (vegan!) chocolate lover. 85g chocolate content.Flavours:Smooth CaramelMixed Nut ..
£20.00 Ex VAT: £16.67
The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co's Decadent Dark chocolate pizza is designed with a beautiful mix of fruit and nut, nestled on the top of smooth velvety dark chocolate. This 70% cocoa dark chocolate pizza is a must for the dark chocolate connoisseur, t..
£14.50 Ex VAT: £12.08
Bean and Pod are proud to present the ‘Chocolatier’s Selection’. A decadently delicious and irresistible assortment of the finest vegan chocolates with sumptuous fillings, created especially for you. The box contains 14 individual chocolates. 144g co..
£9.95 Ex VAT: £8.29
Montezuma’s have put together this beautiful box of 16 vegan truffles. Utterly gorgeous taste, texture and appearance would have most believe these little lovelies were made with traditional butter and cream, but rest assured they're made with only t..
£11.99 Ex VAT: £9.99
A multi award-winning selection of twenty deliciously diverse dark chocolate truffles. Each flavour has its own abundant character that invites you to sit down, relax, enjoy and linger; guiltless. We love making extraordinarily delicious wholesome tr..
£16.99 Ex VAT: £14.16
Pernigotti have been making chocolate in Italy since 1860. Their authentic Gianduitti pralines are presented in this beautiful collectable tin. 190g chocolate content. Ingredients: Sugar, hazelnuts, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (an em..
£11.99 Ex VAT: £9.99
Finally, a vegan cremini! The triple layered Cremino offers a truly decadent sensory experience, presented in a beautiful gift box complete with ribbon. True Italian luxury from Bonieri. 170g. Awarded a gold star in the 2014 Great Taste Awards, ..
£17.95 Ex VAT: £14.96
An amazing little vegan treat here folks. Wagon Wheels (Moon Pies) are a childhood favourite of many and with this fantastic vegan reinvention by Ananda Foods, you no longer have to miss them! Gelatine free marshmallow is sandwiched between delicate ..
£3.00 Ex VAT: £2.50
Divine 70% Dark Chocolate Coins 70g
No Christmas stocking would be complete without chocolate coins! Made from Divine's superior quality 70% cocoa dark chocolate. Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin (non gm), vanilla.. Allergens: Conta..
£2.49 Ex VAT: £2.08
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