Organic German Lebkuchen with Hazelnut Nougat 150g

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  • Brand: Linea Natura
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Traditional Organic German Gingerbread with a dollop of delicious hazelnut nougat in the middle. Organic. 150g packet. 

Ingredients:  Raw cane sugar *, wheat flour * , cocoa mass *, palm fat *, cocoa butter *, spelled flour * , hazelnut kernels *, low-fat cocoa powder *, sunflower oil *, rice drink powder * (rice syrup *, dried), hazelnut paste *, ground almond flour *, caramel sugar syrup, raising agent (ammonium carbonate , Potassium carbonate), acidifier (citric acid, tartaric acid), spices * (cinnamon *, cloves *, anise *, nutmeg *). (* from certified organic farming). Allergens: Contains gluten, nuts and wheat. Not used as ingredients but traces of egg, peanut, milk, nuts, soy, and nuts possible.

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